With the new board package here , developing user code in the Arduino IDE is now quick and efficient.

Just enter the url into the preferences for “Additional Boards Manager URLs:” as shown.

The Arduino board manager

Once the IoTa board manager package is available, select “IoTa” from the Tools menu and then pick the poemtechnology.com IoTa as your target board.

The peomtechnology.com IoTa target board

There is an example on the product page, “Hello Carrier!”, as well as the legacy DASH examples. Hello Carrier! is a signal strength application that uses the RSSI (received signal strength indicator). It is available from the cell tower in a single function call. Use this to map tower signals or to scout areas for best cell reception.

Every IoTa comes preloaded with a dash_repl_basic application that provides complete access to all IoTa functions and pins.