Take the worry out of winter oil deliveries.

With iLevel™ from POEM Technology, you’ll always know exactly how much heating oil you have.


No matter what kind of tank you have, POEM Technology has an inexpensive, easy-to-install iLevel gauge that lets you check your oil level on any PC, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. Once installed, you have a complete tank monitoring system that even alerts you when the level goes below an amount you set – so you’ll never have an unexpected run-out when it’s below zero.

Fits any tank

Our iLevel gauge slips on easily over most float gauges; our ps-iLevel is for tanks with no gauge, or with gauges that don’t fit iLevel.

Easy to install

You can install an iLevel or ps-iLevel gauge yourself and connect to the internet via your home wi-fi within ten minutes.

Lower heating bills

With an exact picture of your usage, you can save on fuel contracts by ordering oil only when you need it.

Get answers to all your iLevel questions.

How much does iLevel cost?

  • The standard iLevel, for indoor tanks with a float gauge, is $129.99.
  • The ps-iLevel, which fits any indoor tank, is $149.99.
  • The all-weather Outdoor ps-iLevel is $199.99.

How can I get an iLevel?