It’s more than a tank gauge. It’s technology that cuts delivery costs by 35%.

iLevel™ is the most accurate, cost-effective internet-enabled tank monitoring system in the industry, letting you operate more efficiently – and profitably – than ever before. Our gauges install in 10 minutes on virtually every kind of tank, connecting to a cloud-based system that integrates with your back-office software. And our exclusive TankVue™ Dashboard eliminates K-factor guesswork by providing accurate, real-time levels for every tank you serve.

Each fuel delivery costs your business $125*. Every iLevel saves on deliveries – and pays for itself within one season.

As a distributor, you can’t do much about the cost of oil. The best way to make your business more profitable is by cutting delivery costs. The iLevel monitoring system gives you precise, deliverable amounts (ullage) for every customer tank, so they can be filled fewer times per season without risking runouts. You’ll have more accurate usage data to help you better hedge for next season. You can even get fill alerts to verify each delivery made. Your trucks will go out, fill, and come back empty – in less time. With fewer deliveries and a more efficient fleet, your capital and labor costs shrink – and your business makes more money. How much more? Installed across your entire customer base, iLevel can increase the profit on your bottom line by 7%.**

* Average cost of home heating oil delivery according to Gray, Gray & Gray Certified Public Accountants/Advisors
** This estimate is based solely on saved deliveries and the potential to reduce truck fleet and labor cost. Any hedge cost savings would increase profitability further.

Two kinds of iLevel gauges for every tank in your customer base.


iLevel is a simple, slip-on retrofit for most indoor tanks with float gauges. The standard model is A/C powered and connects to the internet via the homeowner’s wi-fi. Cellular and battery versions will be available soon.


ps-iLevel is a universal device that fits any oil tank up to 13 feet high, and is installed via the tank-top bunghole using a simple pipe wrench. A/C powered and available in an all-weather Outdoor model, ps-iLevel comes in cellular and wi-fi versions for added installation flexibility. A battery version is coming soon.

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